Another Successful Level 3 Apprentice

5 February 2024

Last week Nicky chatted to one of our Level 3 Apprentices who has recently successfully completed his Level 3 Procurement Assistant Apprenticeship.

NH: Can you tell us briefly what your company Berry Gardens does and what is your role?

TD: I work for Berry Gardens / now Driscoll’s UK in the Procurement department. We import fruit from around the world and supply the UK supermarkets with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries as its primary commodities. My role is admin related and the apprenticeship supported me in assisting Procurement management.


NH: Had you any previous experience in procurement before starting the Level 3 Apprenticeship?

TD: I have had no experience, or any idea of what procurement was until I got my apprenticeship, I did Business Studies a couple years ago at school which did link some procurement to it but apart from that I had no previous experience or knowledge!


NH:  Now that you have completed the Level 3 Apprenticeship, what specific areas of procurement can say you definitely know more about now?

TD: I have learnt a lot about contracts, management and how to manage relationships with suppliers. During this course I have learnt everything there is to know about procurement from a L3 basis which has really widened my knowledge.


NH: How did you find the apprenticeship? What sort of help and support did you get from APA throughout the duration of the course?

TD: APA were very supportive of me during my journey, Anne Penman for example was amazing, friendly, helpful and always at hand if I needed help and assistance both during the exams, project and presentation. The course was difficult for me having no previous knowledge, experience and not being able to apply it to my job regularly, but APA supported me and finishing the apprenticeship has been very rewarding.


NH: What would you say you can now do with more confidence?

TD: I can develop myself in my job daily, I have the chance to show off my skills and knowledge with management and colleagues around the company.


NH: Congratulations on successfully completing the Apprenticeship with Distinction for your EPA! What does the future hold for you, any immediate and more long- term plans for your career?

TD: For the immediate future my managers are very happy with me and a full- time contract is in the works at the moment which truly excites me! Hopefully in a year or two’s time I may look at a level 4 study and further my knowledge and qualification.

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