APA are proven to be 20% better than the rest!

22 February 2024

It’s official…our CIPS exam results are 20% better than other CIPS training providers, globally!

We were praised by CIPS for our outstanding performance at our Study Centre review meeting this week.

This is all thanks to the fact that here at APA Procurement and Supply Training we put our students at the centre of everything we do and pride ourselves on our individual learner-led support. Our tutors are all industry professionals and go the extra mile to support our students and the proof is in the exam results! Well done to all our hardworking students!

Exam CIPS average % APA average %
L4M1 66 78
L4M2 70 100
L4M3 65 89
L4M4 65 74
L4M5 69 83
L4M6 80 94
L4M7 79 95
L4M8 61 86


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